The Buddha Bar Healing Clinic

I am so far behind on my blog its not funny! So much has happened in the last three months since I have been back in Australian and my last blog post.

I will update on that later, but for now, please see below my review of The Buddha Bar Healing Clinic in Newtown NSW.


The day began with my morning ritual of coffee and a banana for breakfast with an apple on the way to the train station. My body was more than ready for a day of relaxation.

I’d recently found myself in a rut so to speak. My mind running at a million miles an hour, all the time. Work is so fast paced now, I struggle to slow down and relax. I was over due for some ‘me time’. This is how I came across The Buddha Bar Healing Clinic.

As I wandered through King St in Newtown, I made mental notes of restaurants along the way that I wanted to check out and also possibly blog about.

My appointment was at 11:15am, but I arrived just before 11am so I could fill out the consultation form and relax in the Buddha Lounge. As I entered through the shop front, the scent of sage insense instantly calmed my nerves and the decor was relaxing and majestic. I had my consultation details filled out so I did a little but of shopping in the retail area, including a few insenses for home.

Trish, my massage therapist came to pick me up and confirmed that I was in for a 60 minute Ayurvedic Massage.

I was guided towards the stairs behind the lounge that leads down to the tranquil ‘Lotus Garden’. Down in the garden I was greeted with a water feature, plants all around and stepping stones that lead to a hut where I would have my massage.

I sat in the treatment room and the therapist had a brief discussion about what I would expect in the massage and about what my areas of concern were.

Trish left the room and I undressed and got myself onto the treatment table ready for my massage. The table was lightly draped with designed cloth. They sat nicely over me, not too heavy for a warm day.

As she came back into the room, I could faintly hear school children in the background. It must have been recess time for them, the noise didn’t bother me too much. Trish turned up the music and I could feel my head already relaxing into the face cradle. I was already easily comfortable with her.

The massage began on my back and from what I understood, a blend of oils and herbs to match my Dosha Type was poured slowly onto my back before beginning the massage. 

I hadn’t fully relaxed yet, my mind takes a while to switch down. My mind was still thinking in overtime, but little by little, as my back was being worked on, I could feel the oils starting to slow down my thoughts.

The song ‘Skinny Love’ (originally by Birdy) was playing sung by X Factor contestant Bella Ferarro. I knew it wasn’t the original because I personally think the cover is so much better and such a beautiful song. 

With music playing that I knew, I began following it in my head which is when I finally began to fully relax.

After my back my therapist moved down to my legs and my feet. Oh my gosh, I love my feet being massaged. I’m on my feet all day everyday at work so they get a bit of a beating now and then.

I was almost at the point of semi conciousness/ half asleep when it was time to turn over to the front. 

I faced up and returned to my dream like state as my eyes were covered with a pillow and the song ‘Strong’ by London Grammar came on. 

“Excuse me for a while” seemed appropriate as I remembered just how important it is to take time out for myself every now and then.

The massage continued on my arms and legs and finally my declotage (my second favourite place to be massaged after my feet). The movements were sweeping as one arm overlapped the other over my chest, lightly turning my head each time for a gentle neck stretch.

By now I was completely in zen and I could smell the oils. I smelled amazing!

The treatment came to an end 😦 haha as they always have to, and I was recommended to try the Shiro-Dhara treatment next time!

I wandered back up the stairs and re-booked to come back in a couple of weeks. I was still in quite a tranquil state so I wandered around Newtown and found a nice place for lunch, continuing my relax day. 

Thank you for the amazing treatment I had at The Buddha Bar Healing Clinic ladies 🙂

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